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In order to help electric utility customers who are in need of assistance with paying their monthly electric bill through Operation Round-Up, Covington Electric System has entered into an agreement with Bread of Life Outreach Ministries (a ministry of Covington First United Methodist Church) wherein Bread of Life Outreach Ministries will act as the interviewing and disbursing agent for Operation Round-Up.

Operation Round-Up is a program designed to allow all CES customers the opportunity to assist other CES customers with payment of their monthly electric bill.  Funding for the program is generated by rounding up each monthly electric bill to the next higher whole dollar amount.  All monies collected by CES for the program will be given to Bread of Life Outreach Ministries for distribution on a “needs” basis.  Applicants for assistance through Operation Round-Up must be currently enrolled in Operation Round-Up in order to receive assistance.

 Operation Round-Up is an “opt out” program, meaning that all current and future CES customers are automatically enrolled to participate in the program.  Should a customer desire not to participate, then said customer must contact CES at 901-476-7104 to request removal from the program







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